An advertising network for creators, makers and indiehackers

Brewadnetwork wants to create minimal and beautiful text ads that share the beautiful products made by creators, makers and indiehackers.
The plugs come from and they allow everyone to freely promote their creation.

How to start sharing plugs?

With one simple line of code, you too are part of the network and will get plugs running on your website.

<iframe src="" width="350px" height="250px" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Once you got that installed, you will get plugs like the ones below.

How do I become an ad/plug host and make money?

You can apply via the link below! Just send a email with your website(s) and we will send you a key to start making earning revenue.

The vision

With BrewAdNetwork and BrewPlugger we want to democratize self-promotion. Enabling creators, makers, authors and others to get some organic reach that is affordable and for the pluggers even free. The goal is to create a network of like minded individuals, entrepreneurs, publishers that share their platform and reach with others. example plugs